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Lavender's Process
20 March, 2022

Lavender delivers products to their customer at a distributor rate.

What is the distributor rate and why it is cost-effective?

The company always gives their products to their registered distributor. Then the distributor sells products to the wholesaler, then the wholesaler sells...

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Pains Of Busy Routine
11 June, 2021

Work-life isn’t always easy. Some days are just walk in the parks but some days bring about un-met deadlines, workloads, or maybe a day when the boss is having trouble at home...

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Fussy Shopping In charge
11 June, 2021

To make the system of a household run efficiently, we usually assign different duties to different people of home. One may be in charge of cleaning, doing the dishes, or grocery. This system which stands on top of people being the pedestals of it, at the...

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