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Fussy Shopping In charge

By Lavender
11 June, 2021

To make the system of a household run efficiently, we usually assign different duties to different people of home. One may be in charge of cleaning, doing the dishes, or grocery. This system which stands on top of people being the pedestals of it, at the top of it, sounds really efficient but this whole machinery can fall apart when one of the pedestals starts behaving fussy.

Imagine you’re in charge of cooking or cleaning, but the person responsible for buying the cooking essentials or detergent and mop is lagging behind. The thing to be remembered here is that this person can also be yourself. We all have lazy days… but don’t worry about it! Such circumstances or people are hard to deal with. Many times, you may just don’t want to interact with them whether their reason is real or made up.

But don’t worry! There’s a company called Lavender Shopping Services which is there to keep you from getting into any shopping related conflicts.

Sit back, relax, download Lavender Shopping Services from Google Play Store or contact us on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp and simply send us your shopping list.


The pros of choosing Lavender Shopping Services are:

  1.      You or anyone doesn’t have to get out of the house to get anything so there’s absolutely no excuses.
  2.      You don’t have to leave your routine work
  3.      You don’t need to do a task that is absolutely necessary but not much enjoyable
  4.      You are guaranteed to get a lesser price from the market
  5.      You are guaranteed to get best quality from market
  6.      Package is delivered to your doorstep with care and responsibility
  7.      You can return the products within 2 days* if you are not satisfied with the quality or pricing of the products

The Cons of Lavender Shopping Services are:

  •     There are none, we just made this section to make things look balanced J

So what are you waiting for? Save your time, money, and effort…let Lavender do the shopping for you and focus on doing what you love.

For more, simply WhatsApp at:

+92 345 5558571

+92 318 7428356




*Returns on sealed pack products are only applicable if they’re not opened


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