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Pains Of Busy Routine

By Lavender
11 June, 2021

Work-life isn’t always easy. Some days are just walk in the parks but some days bring about un-met deadlines, workloads, or maybe a day when the boss is having trouble at home so he/she is catering it by spewing full-on Spartan rage on its employees. Such days can take a great toll on anybody’s non-work duties such as the market hunts for that specific type of kitchen utensil or simply shopping for monthly groceries. This can happen to anyone, regardless of their position in office… even the boss who is sad and angry because mother-in-law is visiting. So in such times, what can we do? The best thing is to take a deep breath, accept what’s happening and keep a firm belief that Allah never burdens someone more than he/she can bear, and deal with the situation with a cool mind… But oh wait! What’s this? A call from home or a phone reminder reminds you that you were supposed to go grocery shopping today! But the ball and chains of work won’t allow it? Or because of the situation at home, you just don’t feel like it? Or you fear your employees wouldn’t function without your presence in the office?

 You are proposed with a choice:

     - Blowoff work, go get what you needed and risk losing your job or business.

    - Blowoff Grocery shopping to keep your work and risk not getting dinner that night (remember that you desperately need it after a hectic day)

So what will you do? Looks like nothing seems to be falling in your favor? Well, fear not! Everything is fine since we are here to aid you in this time of great trial! And offer you the 3rd choice in the matter:

    - Sit back, relax, download Lavender Shopping Services from Google Play Store or contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp and simply send us your shopping list.


The pros of the 3rd choice are:

  •     You don’t have to leave your routine work
  •    You don’t need to take out time from your routine for a task that is absolutely necessary but not much enjoyable
  •    You are guaranteed to get a lesser price from the market
  •    You are guaranteed to get the best quality from the market
  •    The package is delivered to your doorstep with care and responsibility
  •    You can return* the products within 2 days* if you are not satisfied with the quality or pricing of the products.

The Cons of 3rd choice are:

   There are none, we just made this section to make things look balanced.

So what are you waiting for? Save your time, money, and effort…let Lavender do the shopping for you and focus on doing what you love.

For more, simply WhatsApp at:

+92 345 5558571

+92 318 7428356

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