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Lavender's Process

By Lavender
20 March, 2022

Lavender delivers products to their customer at a distributor rate.

What is the distributor rate and why it is cost-effective?

The company always gives their products to their registered distributor. Then the distributor sells products to the wholesaler, then the wholesaler sells those products to small traders, then those traders sell products to local shop keepers, and then people buy those products from those shops. 

When a company sells products to the distributor the price tag is quite low, afterward when the distributor sells those products to the wholesaler cost is increased which includes the labor cost, transportation cost, rent plus government tax. Then the same procedure is followed by the wholesaler to the trader and then trader to local shops

This way product cost is increased because of this expensive process and people buy expensive products from local shops and of course, the local shop owner also set his margin on the products.

For Example

                          When a company manufactures a product like shampoo you will see two price tags on the packaging of the bottle. One price tag is for distributors and the other is for the people. If one 200ml shampoo price is 190 for distributor then it will be 240 for the people. This cost difference is because of the transportation, rent, labor cost, government tax, and the more parties involved. This price difference is applicable to all products of companies. Now the point is how Lavender is reducing the cost?

Lavender is shopping all kinds of products for you at distributor price and also providing the home delivery services.

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